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Situational Judgement

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Management and Leadership Roles, High potential applicants

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Pre-Employment Asessments made easy

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Test Summary

This test consists of 20 hypothetical scenarios designed to assess a candidate's learning agility.

Learning agility refers to the ability to come up to speed quickly in understanding a situation and move across ideas flexibly in service of learning both within and across experiences, with the ultimate goal of performing successfully under new or first-time conditions.

In a nutshell, learning agility involves learning quickly and flexibly from one’s experiences.

Covered Skills (Behavioural Indicators):

Cognitive flexibility

Questions the status quo, challenges their assumptions, and examines topics from multiple angles in order to gain insight, learn, and discover new and unique ways of doing things.

Feedback seeking

Seeks information from others to better understand one’s performance in a given situation, as well as to identify areas for improvement.


Pursues risk that can lead to opportunity by stepping into uncharted terrain and welcomes situations where success is not always guaranteed in order to stretch oneself outside of one's comfort zone and develop new skills.


Uses their own experience and input from others to better understand their own assumptions and behaviour, aiming for a more in-depth understanding of oneself, others, and situations.

Why measure Learning agility?

Research has shown that learning agility is a set of cognitive processes and corresponding behaviours that allow leaders to continually develop, grow, and use new strategies that will equip them for the increasingly complex problems they face in their organisations. As such, the concept has been shown to be an indicator of high-potential talent, with many arguing in its favour as a leadership tool. This is because leaders need to be more agile than ever in order to deal with the complexity, ambiguity, novelty, diversity, and adversity that characterise the present business environment.

Adapting to new business strategies, working across cultures, dealing with temporary virtual teams, and taking on new assignments all demand that leaders be flexible, remain open to new ways of thinking and continuously learn new skills. Therefore, a major difference between successful leaders and those whose careers falter is their ability to make meaning from their experiences, let go of entrenched patterns of behaviour and recognize the nuances in different situations, thus constantly developing on the job.

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At HireNest, we’ve assembled a team of accomplished, credentialed experts on a variety of topics to design our tests. Our test authors include professors and other professionals with advanced degrees from top universities. You can trust that they’ve developed our tests using strong analytical skills, a fresh perspective on their field, and original thinking.

Each of our authors knows how to

  • Evaluate test items using psychometric methods
  • Establish and use a test blueprint for item writing
  • Write effective questions and responses
  • Measure specific foundational theories and job tasks
  • Measure knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) at different cognitive levels
  • Critique multiple-choice items
  • Properly cite test items

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HireNest’s equitable ranking system is based upon scientific data and test performance. Filter out the noise that can lead to bias. Make smart hiring decisions based on solid evidence, not hunches.

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Make unbiased hiring decisions

HireNest’s equitable ranking system is based upon scientific data and test performance. Filter out the noise that can lead to bias. Make smart hiring decisions based on solid evidence, not hunches.

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