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Personality traits describe, relative to other people, individuals’ characteristic patterns of feeling, thinking, and acting, which tend to have a high frequency or intensity. As a result, they offer valuable insights into people’s day-to-day behavior, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding personality in terms of individual differences among people serves to make informed decisions in the field of human resources, contributing to the comparison of individuals from a pool of candidates. Understanding personality in terms of how the various parts of a person come together as a whole reflect the degree of person-environment fit based on the criteria selected by the employer as a benchmark for the ideal candidate.

It contributes to the selection of the best match for the position and the organization.

The current personality assessment is based on the large body of existing research on the Big Five personality dimensions,[] including the existing Big Five inventories in English-speaking countries. This is a self-report questionnaire that measures five general dimensions of personality and thirty specific traits:
1. Openness: Flexibility, Learning Orientation, Creativity, Open-Mindedness, Cautiousness, Analysis Orientation.
2. Conscientiousness: Dependability, Achievement Striving, Perseverance, Maintained Focus, Rule Following, Deliberation, Being Organized.
3. Extraversion: Sociability, Self-Monitoring, Multitasking, Leadership Orientation, Assertiveness.
4. Agreeableness: Cooperation, Optimism, Consideration, Team Orientation, Helpful Attitude, Empathy.
5. Emotional Stability: Stress Tolerance, Composure, Patience, Resilience, Receptivity to Feedback, Integrity.

Covered Skills

Openness (O)
Conscientiousness (C)
Extraversion (E)
Agreeableness (A)
Emotional Stability (S)

Why Measure Personality?

Studies indicate that adding a personality assessment to other selection measures is likely to add incremental validity and enhance the accuracy of the selection decision, thus predicting job performance over that provided by other selection instruments such as tests of cognitive ability. Measuring personality traits in a recruitment process can be beneficial for both the employer and the potential employee. It can help employers determine which candidates are the best fit for the role and organization, which can lead to better job satisfaction and higher retention rates. It can also help potential employees understand their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to apply for roles that are more suited to their skills and interests. Additionally, measuring personality traits can help employers create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, as they can identify candidates from different backgrounds and with different characteristics.

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