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How is a person most likely to behave at work when no one is looking?

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Work integrity is an umbrella concept describing attitudes that make it more likely for people to work conscientiously and positively contribute to a culture of honesty, dependability, and authenticity in the workplace. It involves having stricter views regarding wrongful acts and counterproductive work behaviors such as rule-breaking, dishonesty, or drug use. Based on well-researched theories of work integrity and their corresponding measures such as Prosocial Rule Breaking; The Workplace Integrity Scale; and The Counterproductive Behaviour Index, the present instrument assesses a person's work integrity consisting of seven key areas:

1. Honesty – The extent to which individuals are truthful and sincere in the context of work.
2. Dependability – The extent to which individuals keep commitments and fulfill work obligations with care and conscientiousness.
3. Rule-Following – The extent to which individuals tend to embrace rules and regulations at work.
4. Consistent Thought–Action – The extent to which individuals are genuine and act in accordance with their beliefs and value system.
5. Work Ethics – The extent to which individuals adopt just and moral principles when it comes to work.
6. Substance Use – The extent to which individuals endorse the use of illegal substances at work.
7. Aggression – The extent to which individuals are aggressive, hostile, disruptive, and have poor control of their anger.

Covered Skills

Honesty (HO)
Dependability (DE)
Rule-Following (RF)
Consistent Thought-Action (TA)
Work Ethics (WE)
Substance Use (SU)
Aggression (AG)

Why Measure Work Integrity?

Counterproductive work behaviors tend to be widespread and incur significant costs for businesses. In contrast, work integrity makes people more likely to act honestly, reliably, and ethically, even when no one is watching. This positively impacts all areas of organizational life, from fulfilling one’s role requirements to decision-making or client interactions. As such, integrity measures used in pre-screening are useful in identifying the extent to which candidates’ attitudes help them be successful on their job and, at the same time, ensure a positive, ethical climate that everyone else can benefit from.

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