Video Interviewing

Find talent, fill your interview pipeline, and fit your team—fast and fairly.

Structure objective interviews with HireNest’s world-class inclusion and equity features. Build a more diverse, more talented workforce from a wider range of candidates.

Video Interviewing

Ramp up recruitment

Start screening and hiring candidates faster than you ever thought possible—up to 75% faster! And forget the endless phone calls. Create a standardized video interview for all candidates so you can bring in more talent in less time. Video interviewing modernizes your recruitment process and maximizes efficiency, so you can place hires and get them contributing ASAP.

Expand your reach

Cast a wider net

Decrease time-to-hire

Make your shortlist faster

Pinpoint talent faster

Speed up the entire hiring process

Gain an edge over face-to-face interviews

Create a structured, consistent employment screening process that gives every candidate a chance to shine. HireNest’s AI-based hiring tools reduce bias while catering fairly to candidates with different needs.

Build an inclusive workforce automatically

Neutralize submissions so you can focus on performance. HireNest’s world-class virtual interviewing platform lets you mask your candidates’ face, voice, and personal details, so there’s no potential for subconscious discrimination.

Run a true blind recruitment process
Let diverse and neurodiverse candidates shine

HireNest makes it easy for you to access a more diverse pool of talent and to evaluate diverse candidates fairly. Candidates with different backgrounds and wiring have equal opportunity to show what they know. You can give advance notice, offer retakes, or extend deadlines to accommodate their unique needs.

Attract diverse and neurodiverse candidates
Interview more intelligently

Assess candidates objectively with a standardized screening system. Fairness is built right into the platform. You can create a clear evaluation guide for each job to help your hiring team rate candidates. What’s more, each evaluator analyzes and ranks candidates without being influenced by other evaluators’ opinions

Evaluate candidates fairly and objectively

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Impress candidates so they can impress you

Provide candidates with a rich, state-of-the-art experience that’s infused with your unique brand. The low-stress hiring process includes practice questions, retakes, and the flexibility to complete the interview at the candidate’s convenience.

  • Present a modern experience with video interviewing
  • Highlight your brand to stand apart from other employers
  • Warm up an automated process with a human touch
Make the best impression

Gain practical information through immersive assessments

Assign candidates to simulated roles and gain insights into how they’ll perform on the job.

  • Immerse candidates in scenarios that imitate real life
  • Test judgment in relation to a specific situation
  • Give realistic previews of actual work tasks
Create immersive, scenario-based assessments

Pinpoint talent with higher accuracy

Get the best of both worlds: Pair traditional job assessments with video interviews so you can add the right talent to your team. You can review and compare all hiring data—video interviews, assessment scores, and insights—in one place. You get more practical information in less time, which helps you hire smart and hire fair.

  • Decrease poor hiring decisions
  • Make better job matches
  • Improve work performance
Get a stronger talent signal

Hire and collaborate remotely

Candidates can apply for a position no matter where they are or what time it is. Each video interview is available as soon as it’s recorded and submitted. Your hiring team can start reviewing them instantly, even if you’re working remotely

  • Benefit from the global reach made possible by online hiring and virtual interviews
  • Make your choices from a better selection of talent
  • Eliminate delays caused by waiting for everyone to get the same information
Make remote hiring and collaboration easy

The HireNest platform makes it simple

Decide and design

Decide and design

Select standardized questions from our video library. Or make up your own questions to create customized assessments.

Invite and interview

Invite and interview

Select your preferred invitation options for candidates whom you’d like to interview via video.

Record and respond

Record and respond

Candidates can complete the interview on different devices and at their convenience.

Assess and Advance

Assess and Advance

Choose the candidates who will move on to your next screening step.

Easy to use. Easy to get help with.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Our personalized onboarding process gets you up and running fast. Get clear guidance on how to start incorporating video interviewing in a way that enhances your recruitment efforts.

Continuous Support for Candidates

Continuous Support for Candidates

Our support team is accessible 24/7 to help your candidates with any questions about our user-friendly video interviewing platform.

Customer Care for You

Customer Care for You

Count on your Customer Success Manager to design a testing and video interviewing plan that works for your budget and needs.

We make privacy a priority

We keep your data (and your candidates’) secure with strict protection policies. The HireNest video interviewing platform complies with APP, CCPA, and GDPR.

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