Why Hirenest?

The reasons are clear.

It’s easy to make a smart decision when it comes to choosing a smart hiring platform. HireNest makes it easy. Our pre-employment assessment program utilizes advanced science to give both you and your candidates the best hiring experience ever.

Build a More Diverse Team by Reducing Bias in Your Hiring Process

1. Diversity

There’s strength in numbers, but also in differences. HireNest helps you make better talent decisions by keeping you from injecting personal biases into your decision-making. Our scientifically designed assessments present you with objective information so you can assess each candidate fairly.

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Test and Data Security

2. Test and data security

We incorporate dynamic testing, adaptive technology, and response monitoring into our assessment process. Our multifaceted security measures keep our systems reliable and running smoothly. And we strive to collect as little personal data as possible—only what we absolutely need to give you accurate results from our objective assessments.

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Legal Defensibility

3. Legal defensibility

Surely your organization is concerned about legal defensibility when deciding which pre-employment assessments to incorporate into its recruitment process. HireNest’s assessments, which are developed in collaboration with and validated by expert I/O psychologists, strengthen the legal defensibility of your hiring decisions in many ways.

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Our Science

4. Our science

An unvalidated assessment is little better than no assessment at all. At HireNest, we use multiple measures to validate our pre-employment assessments. We also analyze each item for its usefulness in indicating a candidate’s potential. These efforts ensure that the data you get is accurate, reliable, and objective.

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Testing Validation

5. Testing validation

HireNest complies with government guidelines and professional standards. We design our assessments with the help of I/O psychologists to accurately predict performance and retention while eliminating bias. Our ultimate goal is to deliver an assessment platform that offers you reliability, construct validity, content validity, and predictive validity.

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Customer Success

6. Customer success

HireNest is a service, not just a product. Our commitment to our customers sets us apart from other tech companies. Your personal customer success manager guides you through every aspect of using the platform, from start to finish.

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