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Why HireNest?

1. Reduce Bias to Boost Diversity

There’s strength in numbers, but also in differences. HireNest helps you make better talent decisions by keeping you from injecting personal biases into your decision-making. Our scientifically designed assessments present you with objective information so you can assess each candidate fairly.

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Unconscious bias undermines even your best efforts to hire smart

Diverse workforces are proven to perform better and get better results. But unconscious bias—those deep-seated, reflexive prejudices everyone acquires through early learning and ongoing subtle programming—can misguide your assessment of candidates. That’s why HireNest goes to great efforts to undo the sabotage of subjectivity.

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HireNest helps you hire objectively

Our pre-employment assessments are designed to help you assemble a strong and diverse team automatically. Our I/O psychologists validate each test to minimize subgroup differences and eliminate discrimination. We review our test content scrupulously to eliminate bias against any genders and cultures. You base all your hires on talent, experience, and suitability.

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Go deep to discover your candidates’ best qualities

What makes smart hiring smart? The ability to dig deeper when evaluating candidates. Resumes and interviews are about as reliable as dating app profiles are. It takes much more to find out all of someone’s qualities. You may be “swiping left” far too early on outstanding talent and ideal matches. HireNest’s AI-informed platform presents you with a larger pool of candidates—including the ones who are best for YOUR organization and YOUR roles.

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Customize your hiring process

Every organization has strengths and weaknesses in its existing efforts to be inclusive. That’s why every organization needs a customized solution to improve its diversity. HireNest’s robust combination of rigorous science and a dedicated customer success manager helps clients bolster certain parts of their hiring process without changing what’s already working.

What’s next?

Why HireNest2. Test and Data Security

You and your candidates can only benefit from a pre-employment assessment platform if it’s watertight. HireNest prioritizes security and reliability so you can focus on what matters: targeting top talent.

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