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Why HireNest?

4. The Science Behind Our Assessments

At HireNest, we build everything we do upon rigorous science. By collaborating with I/O psychology experts, we’ve developed a platform that yields superior results for businesses in a wide variety of industries and locations.

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Meticulous Assessment Validation

An unvalidated assessment is little better than no assessment at all. At HireNest, we use multiple measures to validate our pre-employment assessments. We also analyze each item for its usefulness in indicating a candidate’s potential. These efforts ensure that the data you get is accurate, reliable, and objective.

Reap the Benefits of Proven Science

The I/O psychology behind HireNest has been proven over decades of refinement. And a variety of customers across the globe are proving our assessments by using them every day.

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Performance Prediction

Pre-employment assessments are designed to help you build effective teams. HireNest’s rigorous validation process ensures that our assessments accurately predict job performance and job retention.

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Continual Evolution

Smart hiring isn’t just about the organization. It’s also about the candidates. Our existing adaptive technology and our constant review of developing technology help you pick better talent faster. But our fun assessments also keep candidates engaged to increase your pool of talent.

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Bias Reduction

HireNest partners with I/O psychology experts, who validate our assessments to ensure that they reduce bias and minimize subgroup differences. That’s how we’re able to offer you an objective hiring process. Instead of unconsciously being attracted to a candidate’s gender, appearance, or alma mater, you’ll be able to focus strictly on their potential to enhance your organization.

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State-of-the-Art Science Made Simple

You don’t need to be a statistician to interpret your results. We translate the science of pre-employment testing into simple reports you can understand instantly. Get the data you need to pick the candidates you want.

What’s next?

Why HireNest5. Testing Validation

We employ expert I/O psychologists to help develop our assessments and validate those assessments continually by reviewing client results.

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