Why Hirenest?

2. Test and Data Security

You and your candidates can only benefit from a pre-employment assessment platform if it’s watertight. HireNest prioritizes security and reliability so you can focus on what matters: targeting top talent.

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Hire smart: hire objectively

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You’re looking for a smart hiring solution because you want and need to eliminate bias while increasing the effectiveness of your teams. At Hirenest, we do our utmost to support you in making the best talent decisions possible.

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  • We develop and validate our assessments with I/O psychologists to predict job performance accurately.
  • We take steps such as dynamic testing to reduce the risk of gaming or cheating on our assessments.
  • We utilize adaptive technology to customize our tests to the ability level of the test-taker, reducing the time it would normally take them to progress through all the easier items first.
  • We monitor responses on our personality assessments to ensure that the candidate is replying consistently.

All these measures help you make better hiring decisions without basing them on your own unconscious biases or other subjective factors.

Hire securely: Hirenest

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Our multifaceted security measures keep our systems reliable and running smoothly. We also strive to collect as little personal data as possible — only what we absolutely need to give you accurate results from our objective assessments. Please read our FAQs to find out more about our security efforts.

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What’s next?

3. Legal Defensibility

Apart from creating secure pre-employment tests that reduce bias, we also strive to make our online assessments as valuable as possible by ensuring their legal defensibility.

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