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Make money through freelance test writing jobs with Hirenest

Up to $30

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Take your pick of test topics you are most comfortable.

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Work on Hirenest's freelance test writing jobs without paying any registration fee.

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You're paid for each test as soon as our test editor accepts it. Funds are available to you once test are approved.

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Hirenest writers work whenever they want, wherever they want, as often as they want.

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Hundreds of Choices

Take your pick of test topics you are most comfortable.

What kind of writing jobs do we offer at Hirenest?

Hirenest offer to earn from your expertise. As test writer, you will develop a wide variety of multiple-choice items, poll questions, and other formative and summative assessment content for our platform. Pre-employment skills tests can cover a range of skills. Excel skill tests, coding skill tests, typing skill tests, and other computer skill tests are the most common.


Have 5+ years of experience in your particular area of expertiseTo be subject-matter expert in your field.

What is Hirenest?

Hirenest offers world-class tools to help your business evaluate job candidates objectively. Our platform enables companies to test their candidates skills and abilities in an objective and reliable manner.

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