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Why Hirenest?

Because we use our own platform.

Yes, we use our own pre-employment assessment platform to build the best team possible. And our efforts have paid off: We've scaled our team to more than 50 fantastic members, testing more than 5,000 along the way. And that team has helped us become one of the premier pre-employment testing companies worldwide. (If only we could've tested our office dogs too; managing their behavior is a challenge!)

60,000 +


5,000 +

People hired

45,000 +

Saved hours
for our clients

Problems we solved


of employers admitted to making the mistake of hiring someone unsuitable for a job.


of businesses reported incurring losses of over $75,000 due to incorrect hiring decisions.


chance of a hiring manager making an incorrect hiring choice.


of businesses reported a decrease in output due to an unsuitable hire.


of unstructured job interviews are effective at predicting the best candidates.

Why does it happen?

hiring is difficult due to reliance on subjective, inconsistent opinions.

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Our platform will answer
your questions:

  • checkmark iconWhat are your candidate's cognitive abilities?
  • checkmark iconWhat's your candidate’s capacity to learn and grow?
  • checkmark iconHow will your candidates behave in the workplace?
  • checkmark iconWhat drives your candidates to engage in action?