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Scholarship Program 2022-2023

  • Exclusively for college and univesity students
  • Sponsored by Hirenest, a global pre-employment testing software company
  • Awarded to one winner in the form of one $5,000

Hirenest Academic Scholarship Program

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Scholarship Amount

Scholarship Amount

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This scholarship is offered during the Spring and Fall semesters (2022-2023)

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Applications are accepted year-round.

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Applicant Requirements

Applicant must be a high school senior or current full-time college freshman-first-year.

Participants must register using your university- or college-issued email.

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Scholarship Essay’s Prompt

Briefly talk about yourself and your academic/career short-term and long-term goals. Then, answer the following questions:

  • What have you learned from your experience(s)? Examples may include: community service, volunteer work, employment, school clubs, sports, family,etc.
  • Describe your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your field of study and your future goals

Participants must register using your university or college issued email

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Selection of the Winner

When selecting the winner, Hirenest will consider:

  • Scholastic achivement
  • The applicant`s commitment to his/here/their field, based on the “personal statement” included in the application, the letter(s) of recommendation, and the student`s transcript
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How to Apply

To proceedapply, please write send an email to scholarship@hirenest.com.

Attach brief about yourself and essay your answers to the two scholarship essay prompts above. At least as well as at least one letter of recommendation is necessary.