1. Create an Assessment in a few minutes

Choose the job role and get a tailored assessment that is as
recommended by the United States Department of Labor.

  • Developed by Ph.D.-level researchers
  • AI-powered recommendations
  • 1000+ roles to choose from
  • Job-specific questions
200+ Tests Libary icon
200+ Tests Libary

Discover the perfect pre-employment assessment tests for any job role. Get an in-depth description and preview of each one. Find the tests that work for you!

Pre-made Templates icon
Pre-made Templates

If you are not sure which tests to choose get it right with our pre-made assessment templates, recommended by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Custom questions icon
Custom questions

Create a tailored pre-employment assessment experience for your candidates with our customizable question types.

2. Enhanced hiring experience

Bring your hiring process to life by inviting candidates and
tracking their progress in the Assessment Dashboard.

  • Effective talent pipelines
    with the power of data
  • Compare and view
    reports with one click
Invite Candidates icon
Invite Candidates

Easily send email invites directly from the Hirenest dashboard or share a public link to get started.

Powrfull ATS icon
Powrfull ATS

Get a real-time view of what's up, what's next, and what's left to do for each assessment and every candidate.

Automated actions icon
Automated actions

Streamline your hiring process with automated pre-employment assessments that save you time and resources.

3. Short-list the strongest candidates

Filter to find the best of the best using Hirenest’s simplified reports.

  • Hirenest Score: Powered
    by AI Algorithms
  • Analyze test results and
    get complete score
    breakdowns per skill
Hirenest score icon
Hirenest score

Get accurate performance predictions with our AI-powered scoring system. Our four models measure and evaluate potential employees to provide you with reliable recommendations.

Detailed reports icon
Detailed reports

Get comprehensive reports on candidate performance, including breakdowns of skills and abilities. Make informed hiring decisions without the guesswork.

Final Hiring Decision icon
Final Hiring Decision

Make the right choice for your organization and utilize Hirenest scores, reports, and assessments to make a final hiring decision.

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