Smart hiring through smart testing

Hirenest offers world-class tools to help your business evaluate job candidates objectively and hire smart.

Assemble your dream team with our evidence-based system for finding top talent.

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1. Design high-quality hiring assessments in a hurry

Hirenest makes building assessments easier than you can imagine.

You’ll be on your way to smart testing for hiring in just a few steps.

Name your assessment
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Give your assessment a unique name to stay organized.
Assign it a specific job role so you can choose the most relevant tests.

2. Choose how to connect with candidates

Send direct invitations by email from either the Hirenest platform
or your applicant tracking system.

Send multiple invitations with one click.
Or share a direct link.

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Review assessment status and stats at a glance as they roll in - even when you’re on the move.

3. Short-list the strongest candidates

Filter to find the best of the best using Hirenest’s simplified reports.

See results in real time
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Review assessment status and stats at a glance as they roll in - even when you’re on the move.

Why you should start smart hiring with Hirenest

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Customer Satisfaction

You’re the driving force behind everything we do. Your dedicated customer care manager will guide you every step of the way toward a successful hiring outcome.

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Strong Science

Our expertise in I/O psychology and our stringent scientific standards let us deliver consistent results to leading organizations across the globe.

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Testing Validation

We design our assessments to accurately predict job performance, and we review the assessments continually. We strive to make our tests as reliable and as valid, in terms of construct, content, and criteria, as possible.

Test and Data Security icon
Test and Data Security

We utilize dynamic testing, adaptive technology, and other measures to deliver unique, reliable tests to each individual while collecting minimal personally identifiable information. We protect all data and our systems in compliance with CPA and GDPR.

Legal Defensibility icon
Legal Defensibility

Free of cultural and gender bias, and able to minimize subgroup differences, smart testing enhances legal defensibility—actually exceeding government standards such as the UGESP.

Automatic Diversity icon
Automatic Diversity

Infuse your hiring process with diversity and build a strong team by banishing bias. Hirenest’s AI-based system helps you make fair talent decisions by evaluating each job candidate objectively.

Steady Support icon
Steady Support

You’re never on your own. We’ll guide you step by step. Our team is always here to deliver fast answers and whatever other help you need.

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Mobile-Friendly Features

Hirenest follows you on any device or platform. Both you and your candidates can access assessments on the go.

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