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Engaging hypothetical scenarios

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Zen in the Workplace

The Hirenest Emotional Stability Skills Test uses everyday workplace scenarios to evaluate a candidate's responses. The test features 20 engaging hypothetical scenarios designed to assess a candidate's ability to manage negative thoughts and emotions and recover quickly from stress in stressful situations. By presenting candidates with these scenarios, the test aims to assess their potential effectiveness in real-world work situations and understand their potential to be effective in roles that require composure.

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This test could help identify candidates who may be able to:

Manage their emotions
and reactions healthily
and constructively

Handle stress
and pressure professionally and effectively.

Avoid overreacting
or making impulsive decisions.

Be resilient and adaptable in the face of change
or challenges.

self-awareness in their interactions with others.

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Role-Specific Competency

3D Software Engineer

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Can the applicant create high-quality 3D models and animations?

Questions icon11
Time icon11 min
Level iconintermediate
Used icon3036
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Cognitive Aptitude

Abstract Reasoning

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How well can your candidates analyse new data quickly and logically and use it to solve unfamiliar problems?

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Time icon30 min
Level iconintermediate
Used icon6170
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