Personality Tests

Hard skills are only one factor in determining an individual’s potential to succeed on the job. Personality tests measure ingrained qualities that relate to and predict job performance.

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What are personality tests?

Pre-employment personality testing tells you far more about an individual than a resume and interview can. A valuable job screening tool, personality tests can indicate the following traits of your candidates:

  • Temperament and interaction style
  • Environmental preferences
  • Behavioral tendencies
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These are the qualities that tend to remain static throughout life. And certain jobs match better with certain qualities. For example, a job that involves plenty of social interaction would be a better fit for an extroverted candidate. An isolated job would be a better fit for an introvert. Personality can also indicate a candidate’s likelihood of being committed to your organization and feeling content in a particular role.

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What do personality tests NOT measure?

Personality tests don’t measure more fleeting qualities such as moods and emotions. Personality assessments also don’t reveal mental health conditions or tell you how well someone will be able to do a job.

Personality tests aren’t just for outside recruitment. You can administer these tests to your existing employees when considering them for an internal promotion or simply to gain a better understanding of a conflict in their current role.

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Cultural Fit Assessment

An organisation’s culture consists of the fundamental assumptions, values, behavioural norms and expectations, as well as the larger patterns of behaviour that all members of the organisation share together, as a group. Values and their implicit assumptions, or taken for granted beliefs, typically act as the defining cultural elements which determine how members perceive, think about and react in various organisational settings. As a result, organisational culture has been shown to be one of the key ingredients of organisational effectiveness, contributing to sustainable competitive advantage.

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Work Integrity Scale

Work integrity is an umbrella concept describing attitudes that make it more likely for people to work conscientiously and positively contribute to a culture of honesty, dependability and authenticity in the workplace. It also involves having stricter views regarding wrongful acts and counterproductive work behaviours like rule breaking, dishonesty, and drug use.

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Work Motivation Scale

Work motivation refers to the reasons why people put effort into their jobs, capturing their actual (“do”) and intended (“would”) motives to do their job. These reasons energise them, inspire progress and push them to achieve desired results, determining the form, direction, intensity, and duration of work-related behaviours. As a result, work motivation can take different forms, and what motivates one person may not motivate another.

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Personality Assessment

Personality traits describe, relative to other people, individuals’ characteristic patterns of feeling, thinking and acting, which tend to have a high frequency or intensity. As a result, they offer valuable insights into people’s day-to-day behaviour, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

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Work Ethic Scale

Work ethic refers to the extent to which a person places work at or near the centre of their lives, showing the degree to which they believe in the value and importance of work for its own sake. As such, work ethic consists of people’s beliefs and attitudes that pertain to work-related activities in general, and not specific to any particular jobs, that may be reflected in their workplace behaviours.

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Texas State University: Using Such Tool Enables Employers to Have a Better idea of Who They are Hiring.

The research shows personality testing plays an important role and is a powerful tool in getting the best people hired by our local municipal governments.