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When hiring for roles in accounting, identifying capable, reliable staff is crucial.

Administrative and Clerical

Administrative and clerical work is needed across most industries, from auto repair to medicine. That’s because every organization has to maintain data and perform the same basic tasks to run.


One of the biggest hiring challenges banks and credit unions face is employee retention, particularly for teller roles. Pre-employment tests help banks and credit unions dramatically reduce turnover by identifying the employees who not only have the aptitude to excel in the role but also have the personality traits associated with long-term job fit in teller roles.


The banking industry is vital to communities around the globe. Both individuals and businesses use banks to cash checks, hold money (and other valuables) safely, take out loans, and more. Bank clients usually open at least one account to keep their money in—either a checking account, intended for frequent transactions, or a savings account.

Customer Service

Serving customers is an essential part of most businesses, from convenience stores and utility companies to passenger transport and luxury real estate. Commonly known as customer service, this special attention to individual customers goes by various other names, such as client services, customer care, customer success, and customer support.


Educational institutions hire for many different types of jobs, and pre-employment tests can be extremely helpful when assessing the different aptitude, personality, and skills associated with success in a wide variety of roles in education.


Engineering is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the design and manufacture of complex products.” Engineers use math, science, and technology to create tangible products and computer-based products.


Companies in the financial services industry often struggle with finding the right talent to achieve their goals. Pre-employment testing can help businesses in this industry identify quality candidates with the right aptitude and personality to succeed in the role and increase overall productivity.

Food Service

The food service industry dates back millennia. Surely food and drink have been sold or bartered since prehistory. But organized establishments open to the public have included alehouses, coffeehouses, and teahouses. Modern restaurants originated in France in the 1700s.

Health Care

Healthcare is an enormous industry that employs millions of workers in a wide variety of roles. Pre-employment testing is a tool many healthcare providers use to identify great candidates and overcome the hiring challenges specific to the healthcare industry.


The hospitality industry hires for a wide variety of roles, and pre-employment testing can determine who has the personality to thrive in both customer facing settings and behind the scenes work. It also can identify candidates with the aptitude to learn quickly and excel on the job.

Human Resources Management

Just as a business needs resources such as cash and supplies to operate, it also needs human resources. Human resources are the people who work in an organization, industry, or other group.

Information Technology

Pre-employment testing can help IT service firms quickly identify talented employees who have the right aptitude and personality to succeed in the industry.


Insurance companies of all kinds employ agents to sell insurance policies and to assist current customers in advising and answering any questions they have about their policies. Many insurance companies use pre-employment tests to assess the aptitude, personality, and skills of job candidates to determine if they are the right fit for roles in the insurance industry.

Pre-Employment Tests & Assessments For Law

Keeping citizens safe through law enforcement is a necessity in most modern societies. Law enforcement officers will always be needed, meaning the field usually offers excellent job security for those who can withstand the rigors of law enforcement jobs.


Pre-employment tests can help law firms identify and retain talented, reliable staff.

Manufacturing and Operations

Hiring within the manufacturing industry presents a unique set of challenges, and pre-employment tests are a powerful tool to help you identify and hire the right people for the role.

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