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The banking industry is vital to communities around the globe. Both individuals and businesses use banks to cash checks, hold money (and other valuables) safely, take out loans, and more. Bank clients usually open at least one account to keep their money in—either a checking account, intended for frequent transactions, or a savings account.

Popular Job Roles
Construction assistantEquipment operatorForemanInspectorGeneral laborerProject managerSafety managerSchedulerSkilled tradesperson (carpenter, drywall installer, mason, etc.)Surveyor

About construction

Buildings are the signs of civilization. Households, businesses, and institutions all need buildings in which to operate. Of course, a variety of materials can be used in building, from wood to stone to concrete. Accordingly, the construction industry needs people with different skills to work expertly with these materials.

Some buildings remain usable for centuries, but new buildings go up all the time to accommodate the evolving needs of our modern society. Although old buildings reflect the history of their location and add to its beauty, most eventually become impractical due to energy inefficiency or decay.

Furthermore, new buildings are needed when populations change. For example, as a university accepts more students, new student housing units and parking decks must be constructed. Hospitals must grow to accommodate modern equipment and burgeoning populations.

Architecture and engineering focus on the design of the building, whereas construction is the actual building process. And a process it is, requiring contributions from many skilled and unskilled laborers as well as office workers and administrative assistants.

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Our platform will answer your questions:

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Problems hiring the right people for construction

Hiring the right people for construction can be a tricky endeavor. There can be high turnover in some lower-paying labor positions.

Following safety rules is a huge concern on any construction site. Some workers want to save time or effort by using workarounds, but these cheats can result in injury or death. Drugs and alcohol have no place on a jobsite. The “safety police” may not be appreciated by all the workers, but safety managers are important in the construction industry.

Construction companies, especially subcontractors, may have a workforce in which many languages are spoken. It’s important that workers from different backgrounds can understand at least basic job instructions and safety procedures. Effective communication is critical to getting jobs done right.

Construction workers may find that their hours are affected by adverse weather, delays in deliveries of materials, and other factors. This may mean putting in extra hours later to keep a construction project on schedule.

Why use pre-employment testing for construction

Using pre-employment testing for construction jobs is a great way to find the right workers, either for a one-time project or as regular staff. You can test your candidates for intelligence, EQ, personality traits, and skills. With pre-employment assessments, you get a complete picture that resumes and interviews alone can’t paint.

Smart hiring through Hirenest lets you find more candidates in less time, and you can do so while reducing bias. Our AI-enhanced recruitment platform helps you fill jobs according to qualifications, not abstract factors.

What are the benefits of smart hiring? You can mask identifying details at the beginning of your hiring process. You can collaborate with colleagues and rank candidates to develop a short list of prospects. You can conduct video interviews with remote candidates to save time and costs. And you can administer pre-employment assessments for construction and other industries.

Plus, Hirenest lets you develop customized questions and scenario-based questions with the help of a customer success manager. It really is hiring smart.

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