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About law enforcement

Keeping citizens safe through law enforcement is a necessity in most modern societies. Law enforcement officers will always be needed, meaning the field usually offers excellent job security for those who can withstand the rigors of law enforcement jobs.

Enforcers of the law do just that: assure that citizens comply with local, state, and/or federal statutes. Violations of statutes may vary from the relatively minor, such as parking, traffic, and noise violations, to major, violent crimes such as rape and murder. Hence, most law enforcement jobs are government jobs.

The end goal isn’t simply to enforce compliance; it’s to protect people and their property through enforcement. This is done by patrolling areas, responding to complaints or calls of distress, and apprehending perpetrators.

Law enforcement jobs can range from sedentary desk jobs and speed-enforcement jobs to examining a crime scene and pursuing a fleeing subject on foot. Despite their position, a law enforcement professional must always be ready for anything.

Problems hiring the right people for law enforcement

It takes a special person to qualify for and become successful in a law enforcement role. Law enforcement is a rigorous field for which the average citizen isn’t suited. Here are some of the qualifications needed to become an officer of the law:

  • Physical fitness, strength, energy, and agility
  • Psychological fitness
  • Background check, including spotless criminal record, impeccable references, and good credit
  • Fearlessness
  • Fairness
  • Resilience and healthy coping skills
  • Self-control
  • Authoritative demeanor
  • Determination

Law enforcement often requires the wearing of a uniform, especially at the lower levels. Hours can be long, and shift work is usually necessary.

In some cases, those applying for jobs in law enforcement must be of a certain age. For some officers, academy training and field training are required. Police and other officers usually must be willing to accept a lower starting salary and work their way up through the ranks.

Furthermore, law enforcement professionals must be able to stay objective in their work. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other personal biases can negate the concept of justice and have disastrous outcomes when it comes to enforcing the law.

Why use pre-employment testing for law enforcement

Pre-employment testing for law enforcement helps you weed out candidates who aren’t truly suited to such roles.

Most people understand that the hiring requirements for law enforcement jobs are strict. Still, there can be many reasons why a person might apply for a law enforcement job when they’re not suited to the work. Maybe law enforcement has been a family profession. Maybe the applicant simply thinks it would be cool to become an officer. Whatever the reason, it’s important to screen candidates thoroughly before advancing them to academy training.

With pre-employment testing, you can evaluate law enforcement candidates for certain hard skills as well as their emotional intelligence. You can look for specific personality characteristics and qualities, such as objectivity and mental toughness.

Bad hires in the law enforcement industry can have serious consequences, such as gross injustice of unnecessary physical injury or death. When you implement pre-employment testing, you can go a long way toward eliminating risky hires and rounding out your team with solid performers.

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Common positions in law enforcement

  1. Air marshal
  2. Animal control officer
  3. Bailiff
  4. Border patrol agent
  5. Customs officer
  6. Deputy sheriff
  7. Detective
  8. Evidence technician
  9. Firearms examiner
  10. Game warden
  11. Immigration officer
  12. Park ranger
  13. Police officer
  14. Probation officer
  15. Secret service agent
  16. Security guard
  17. State trooper
  18. Surveillance officer

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