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Information technology, otherwise known as IT, is the use of computers within a business context. Today, there are few jobs that don’t involve any computer use. Everyone from your auto mechanic to your primary care physician uses a computer to do their work.

But “IT” usually refers to an individual or department that’s dedicated solely to procuring, installing, updating, troubleshooting, and otherwise maintaining computer hardware and software. The size of the IT department and the level of expertise of the workers depends on the company and industry.

For example, the IT department for a chain of retail stores may consist of only one or two central departments at headquarters. A company such as Microsoft or Norton employs many IT workers but also has its own IT department, which is very meta.

IT functions can generally be broken down into three categories. First, there’s the issue of creating, enforcing, and adapting policies and standard operating procedures that match the goals of the business. Then, there’s the operations aspect, which is most of the daily IT work you think of, such as coding and security. Finally, there’s the management of all the IT equipment itself, from the smallest phones and tablets to massive mainframes and servers.

Problems hiring the right people for IT

In order to make your IT team run smoothly, you need the right talent. Filling IT jobs seems simple on the surface. After all, it’s just a matter of checking a candidate’s certifications and references, right?

Well, hiring for IT positions isn’t always that simple. Your company culture may vary greatly from that of the last company a candidate worked for. You may even be in a completely different industry. There’s a lot more to finding the best fit than validating credentials.

Although IT jobs aren’t demanding in the same ways labor jobs are, IT work can still tax the body. Many or most IT jobs are desk jobs, and while standing desks can alleviate some of the drawbacks of sitting, there still isn’t much physical activity at all. Moreover, computer work is hard on the hands, wrists, and eyes.

Coding and programming jobs can be quite boring, with little social interaction. Other jobs, such as that of the help desk technician, do offer human interaction, but this facet can also add another layer of stress to the job.

Ideally, IT workers should have analytical skills and customer service skills. They should also be detail-oriented and able to work alone for long periods if needed.

Why use pre-employment testing for IT

Pre-employment testing for IT reveals not only the hard skills but also the soft skills you’re looking for in IT candidates. It only makes sense to use an AI-enhanced smart hiring platform like HireNest to recruit the best IT workers.

When you offer smart hiring to your IT job candidates, you show them that you’re on top of the latest technology. This demonstrates that you’re serious about IT and staying current, which tells a lot about your company culture right away.

Furthermore, smart hiring eliminates the hidden biases that can adversely affect good decision-making. A smart hiring platform also increases your pool of candidates because it transcends locations and even time zones. You can interview people on the other side of the globe just as easily as you can someone in your city.

HireNest lets you test for both the hard and soft skills needed by the ideal IT worker for your business. You can use all the latest hiring advances, such as video interviewing and scenario-based tests, to make a good impression on your candidates while you assess them for fit. It’s a win-win for sure.

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Common positions in IT

  1. Applications engineer
  2. Computer programmer
  3. Computer scientist
  4. Database administrator
  5. Help desk technician
  6. IT technician
  7. Network engineer
  8. QA tester
  9. Software engineer
  10. Support specialist
  11. Systems analyst
  12. UX designer
  13. Web administrator
  14. Web developer

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