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About manufacturing and operations

Manufacturing and operations will always be a key part of a society of consumers. But consumption isn’t inherently negative; we need many products to survive. From food to lifesaving medical equipment, products make the world go around.

Although the nature of production jobs has changed vastly in the past century, the need for factory workers and other line workers will be around for some time. Although machines have replaced humans in performing some tasks, the human factor is needed to program, control, and maintain those machines. Other aspects of production jobs, however, have stayed the same; plants can be noisy and dangerous places to work in.

Keeping your production lines staffed is clearly a top priority for you. But if you’re not hiring smart, you may be experiencing excessive turnover or even accidents. Instead of rushing through your traditional hiring process, you want to focus on making your process more efficient and hence naturally faster.

Problems hiring the right people for manufacturing and operations

Hiring the right people to fill production jobs can be challenging. One of the top concerns of manufacturing plants and factories is safety. Moreover, production working environments aren’t usually glamorous.

Some manufacturing jobs are repetitive. Some jobs are exacting, such as inspecting finished products in Quality Control. And still others are physically demanding, such as stacking heavy boxes onto shipping pallets.

In order for workers to stay safe on the job, they must adhere to any safety protocols set in place by the employer, whether those entail wearing protective garments, locking and tagging out on a machine, or following decontamination instructions.

Hence, some qualities of ideal manufacturing personnel include:

  • Physical health, strength, and stamina
  • Obedience to rules and regulations
  • Attention to detail
  • Tolerance for lack of work variety

Some operations need workers around the clock to keep production going. That means shift work and sometimes weekend or holiday work.

Why use pre-employment testing for manufacturing and operations

Pre-employment testing for manufacturing and operations can help you identify the candidates who are likely to succeed and to stay. Especially in the case of hiring for manufacturing roles, conventional interviews and resumes are so far removed from actual job duties that you’re not likely to accurately predict job performance.

That’s where smart hiring comes in. HireNest helps you hire smart for your operations jobs. Our AI-enhanced hiring platform reduces subconscious or unconscious biases that may lead to poor hiring decisions. You’ll still be able to review resumes and conduct video interviews. But you get much more than that.

With its customizable features, our platform can be tailored to your industry, company, and positions. Create scenarios that let you assess how a candidate would actually perform on the job. Make up your own tests. We’ll help you design everything you need to pick the right talent for your team.

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Common positions in manufacturing and industry

  1. Assembler
  2. Automation technician
  3. Electrician
  4. Equipment technician
  5. Instrument specialist
  6. Line supervisor
  7. Machine operator
  8. Machinist
  9. Mechanic
  10. Process control technician
  11. Production manager
  12. Quality control inspector
  13. Shift manager
  14. Welder

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