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The banking industry is vital to communities around the globe. Both individuals and businesses use banks to cash checks, hold money (and other valuables) safely, take out loans, and more. Bank clients usually open at least one account to keep their money in—either a checking account, intended for frequent transactions, or a savings account.

Essentially, a bank uses the funds of its account holders to issue loans to other clients. Most money generated for the bank comes through the interest it charges on the loans it grants. The bank makes additional money by charging various fees for services and penalties such as overdrafts.

Clients too can earn interest on the money held in their accounts. Clients can also choose to put their money into products that earn more interest, such as certificates of deposit or bonds.

Different types of banks exist to serve different clientele for different purposes. The typical individual visits a community bank, commercial bank, retail bank, or credit union. Large businesses may work with many of these or with an investment bank. What’s more, a central bank exists in most countries, such as the Federal Reserve in the U.S. and the Bank of England in the U.K.

All the products and services offered by a bank must be managed carefully by scrupulous employees.

Problems hiring the right people for banking

Because of the security needed in the banking industry, hiring the right people for banking jobs takes the utmost care. It’s not enough to find good math skills and a friendly personality. Bank personnel must be trustworthy and exacting, to name just a few qualities.

Hiring the wrong people for banking jobs can have a range of consequences. Even minor errors of a few cents can harm the bank’s reputation. On the far more serious end of the spectrum, employees with access to the vault and high-level security codes can do more serious damage, whether intentional or not.

Bank employees who work with the public must strike the right balance between friendliness and professionalism. These front-facing employees must be unbiased in their treatment of clients. Educating the public on money matters often requires patience.

Luckily, all the qualities needed to succeed at banking jobs can be identified through pre-employment testing, such as that offered as part of HireNest’s smart hiring platform.

Why use pre-employment testing for banking

By using pre-employment testing for banking hires, you can quickly home in on those candidates who have the right stuff. And you can do so without bias. Smart hiring lets you initially sift through a large pool of candidates without viewing identifying details such as gender, race, and age.

When you hire bank professionals through HireNest, we’ll direct you to the assessments that’ll best predict job success in your industry. You can also design custom tests that ask candidates how they’d respond in certain scenarios.

Employment testing helps you target the following characteristics and abilities in your candidates for bank jobs:

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Confidentiality
  • Customer service
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Ethics
  • Handling of emergency situations
  • Math skills
  • Organization

Rather than relying on an interview to tell you what you need to know about a candidate, you can get to the heart of the matter with targeted testing. You’ll be able to create a short list of talented people who are actually qualified for whatever position you’re hiring for.

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Common positions in banking

  1. Auditor
  2. Bank teller
  3. Banker
  4. Credit analyst
  5. Financial advisor
  6. Loan officer
  7. Loan processor
  8. Mortgage consultant
  9. Relationship manager
  10. Underwriter

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