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The health care industry continues to grow as the world population does. But while population is a relatively predictable factor, other factors contributing to the growth of health care include macro-level events such as natural disasters and disease epidemics. It’s the nature of the human condition that jobs in health care will always be available.

Health care fields vary greatly in intensity from the calmer, such as podiatry, bariatric medicine, and dentistry, all the way up to emergency departments, trauma centers, and burn units. The jobs within these fields also range from the sedentary, as in the case of the health information technician, to the quite active, such as EMT.

There’s a great deal of job security in health care, and there’s a job for everyone. For the right candidates, health care careers can be an extremely rewarding endeavor. But finding those ideal candidates can be tricky if you’re relying on resumes and interviews alone.

Problems hiring the right people for health care

Many organizations have problems hiring the right people for health care. The health care industry is one of the most demanding there is, sometimes pushing employees to their mental and physical limits. Although some turnover is to be expected in such a rigorous field, hiring the right people for health care can be made easier.

Health care workers must have many outstanding qualities in addition to job-specific skills:

  • Bedside manner
  • Bravery
  • Serious demeanor
  • Empathy
  • Desire to serve and help
  • Physical stamina
  • Emotional stability
  • Ethical mindset and behavior
  • Attention to detail
  • Patience

The COVID-19 pandemic tested the world’s health care employees in a way nobody could’ve predicted. Many doctors, nurses, technicians, and assistants spent long hours away from their family and friends as they served on the front lines and exposed themselves to a potentially fatal virus.

Even during the best of times, working in health care can mean long shifts, irregular schedules, and disturbing scenes. Night, holiday, and weekend work is often required.

Why use pre-employment testing for health care

Because health care jobs are so demanding, pre-employment testing is an excellent way to thoroughly screen candidates. Pre-employment assessments for health care can be used to check emotional intelligence, rational intelligence, and job skills.

Most people working in health care jobs must have strong math and language skills as well as knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and other job-specific skills. It’s true that much of the time, candidates must have passed rigorous exams in order to enter the health care field. Still, rechecking skills needed for a specific job at your location is always a good idea.

When you use HireNest to hire for health care jobs, you automatically eliminate hidden biases that could be preventing you from hiring the best and the brightest. In health care, you need to find the people who will do the job right and safely. It really is a matter of life and death. So don’t leave your hiring process to old-fashioned interviews that tell you little about how a candidate will perform on the job. Let HireNest help.

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Common positions in health care

  1. Dental assistant
  2. Dental hygienist
  3. EMT or paramedic
  4. Home health aide
  5. Imaging technician
  6. Lab technician
  7. Medical assistant
  8. Medical records technician
  9. Nurse
  10. Nursing assistant
  11. Phlebotomist
  12. Pharmacy technician
  13. Physician’s assistant
  14. Sonographer

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