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The hospitality industry hires for a wide variety of roles, and pre-employment testing can determine who has the personality to thrive in both customer facing settings and behind the scenes work. It also can identify candidates with the aptitude to learn quickly and excel on the job.

Hospitality is the act of welcoming and serving guests at an establishment, and making them comfortable away from home. A hospitality business generally falls within one of four categories.

Popular Job Roles
BartenderBellhop or porterConciergeCroupierFlight attendantGuest services coordinatorHostHotel managerHotel receptionist or desk clerkHousekeeperMaître d’Restaurant or bar managerServerTour guideTravel agentUsherValet

About hospitality

Hospitality is the act of welcoming and serving guests at an establishment, and making them comfortable away from home. A hospitality business generally falls within one of four categories.

  • Food and beverage businesses include bars, cafes, concession stands, and restaurants.
  • Lodging includes hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, spas, resorts, and campgrounds.
  • Recreation areas include beaches, casinos, amusement parks, movie theaters, nightclubs, and sports arenas.
  • Travel and tourism jobs revolve around cruise ships, airlines, trains, and buses.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of jobs within these four hospitality categories. Food-related jobs include preparing and serving food and beverages as well as cleaning up afterward. Lodging-related jobs include anything that makes a guest’s stay pleasant, from cleaning their room to directing them to local attractions. Recreation jobs include ride operators, ticket-takers, drivers, and ushers. Travel and tourism jobs include flight attendants, baggage handlers, and shuttle drivers.

The hospitality industry is a huge business, although it can be affected by major, largely uncontrollable factors such as weather and pandemics such as COVID-19. Still, the human need for rest and recreation means there’s plenty of job security in the hospitality industry. Apart from sometimes more luxurious recreation activities, food, lodging, and transportation for business or pleasure travel are always in demand.

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Our platform will answer your questions:

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  • checkmark iconWhat's your candidate’s capacity to learn and grow?
  • checkmark iconHow will your candidates behave in the workplace?
  • checkmark iconWhat drives your candidates to engage in action?

Problems hiring the right people for hospitality

The main requisites of a successful hospitality employee are excellent social skills and a genuine love of people. If an employee doesn’t like people or is generally irritable, guests will detect this easily and not take kindly to it.

Not all hospitality jobs are considered glamorous. Although many establishments, such as casinos, may have a high profile, a lot of hospitality jobs are done behind the scenes to ensure the satisfaction of the guests.

Here are some requirements typical of hospitality employees.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Emotional stability
  • Friendly demeanor
  • Love of working with people
  • Helpfulness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Ethics
  • Dependability
  • De-escalation skills
  • Patience

Multilingualism is a requirement for many hospitality positions—mainly those that directly serve international guests.

Because it often revolves around holidays, the hospitality industry doesn’t stick to a standard work schedule. Some hospitality jobs require night work and work on weekends and holidays. Jobs on airlines and cruise ships require workers to be away from their permanent home for short or long periods respectively. That’s why many hospitality employees need to be flexible and have a sense of adventure.

Unfortunately, even the most luxurious establishments can draw complaints from patrons. Hospitality workers must be able to calm irritated clients and know how to solve their problems.

Because many hospitality workers meet people traveling from different areas, there might be a higher risk of exposure to illnesses. Therefore, workers in the hospitality industry will need to follow health and safety precautions, such as wearing masks, to protect themselves and prevent spreading germs from one client to another.

Why use pre-employment testing for hospitality

Pre-employment testing for hospitality jobs helps you find the right people to make clients happy.

The fact is that most people applying for hospitality positions know that people skills are a top requirement. But it’s one thing for a person to say they have people skills and quite another for them to actually have those skills.

Hospitality pre-employment assessments can help you rank candidates according to their emotional intelligence, ability to manage negative situations effectively, and more. You can even design custom questions that put candidates into a common situation and ask them to describe how they’d handle the situation.

Skills tests can help you further narrow down your talent search for specific jobs. For example, a hotel desk clerk might need to be able to use a computer, know basic math, know how to alphabetize, and much more.

Personality tests for hospitality workers can point out those candidates best suited to working with your typical clients. You might look for the more extroverted candidates, or the ones who prefer working outdoors or in busy environments. You can customize your assessments based on your business.

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