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Cut time-to-hire by 56%

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Background is a leading online content creation agency, operating in the domain of professional copywriting services. As a medium-sized enterprise with 50-200 employees, the company often grappled with the challenge of efficiently recruiting competent copywriters. Prior to their use of, the hiring process was laborious, characterized by manual applicant screening, high time-to-hire, and inconsistent quality of hires.

Objectives and Goals

In a bid to streamline their hiring procedure and improve the quality of their workforce, turned to The specific objectives were to reduce time-to-hire, and significantly improve the writing skills and efficiency of their hired copywriters.

Implementation was integrated into's hiring process as a pre-employment assessment tool. The platform was primarily used to screen candidates based on their writing skills and efficiency, replacing the previously manual, and time-intensive applicant screening process.


The implementation of had a substantial impact on’s recruitment strategy. The average time-to-hire, which previously stood at 30 days, was nearly halved to 15 days, marking a significant 56% reduction. This reduction not only sped up the recruitment process but also facilitated faster workforce augmentation, allowing the company to respond to client needs more promptly.

Further, the quality of hires also saw a marked improvement. This was evidenced by a 27% improvement in the quality of copywriting, as evaluated through internal quality checks and client satisfaction surveys. This improvement directly correlated with higher client satisfaction rates, solidifying's reputation in the market.

In light of these positive outcomes, it was clear that the implementation of allowed to achieve its primary objectives. The marked reduction in time-to-hire, coupled with an increase in the quality of hires, affirmed that was an effective solution for the recruitment challenges previously faced by the company.

Future Plans

Following the success of’s integration into their hiring process, has decided to continue using the platform in their recruitment strategy. Furthermore, the company plans to expand their use of by exploring more of its features, specifically its AI capabilities. These AI-powered functionalities have the potential to further enhance their hiring process, offering more in-depth screening and candidate assessments, and leading to even higher quality hires in the future.

In conclusion, the integration of revolutionized's recruitment strategy, making the hiring process more efficient, and significantly improving the quality of new hires. Looking forward, the company is set to build upon this success, aiming to further refine its hiring strategy and to continue providing high-quality copywriting services.

Ditch CVs. Check Skills with Pre-Employment Assessment

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