Assessment Template For Histology Technicians

Prepare histological slides from tissue sections for microscopic examination and diagnosis by pathologists. May assist with research studies.
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Histology Technicians


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Histologic TechnicianHistology Technician


Technology Skills
Medical software
Time Limit25 min


  • Archive diagnostic material, such as histologic slides and blocks.
  • Cut sections of body tissues for microscopic examination, using microtomes.
  • Embed tissue specimens into paraffin wax blocks, or infiltrate tissue specimens with wax.
  • Freeze tissue specimens.
  • Maintain laboratory equipment, such as microscopes, mass spectrometers, microtomes, immunostainers, tissue processors, embedding centers, and water baths.

Technology Skills

Medical software

Cerner Millennium, Laboratory information system LIS, MEDITECH software

Label making software

Brady Specimen Labeling System, Specimen labeling system software

Spreadsheet software

Microsoft Excel

Electronic mail software

Microsoft Outlook

Office suite software

Microsoft Office

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