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This Marketo test assesses a candidate's knowledge in marketing automation, attribution modeling, A/B testing, email & SMS marketing, lead scoring, analytics & reporting, and social media. The difficulty level of this test is intermediate, making it suitable for assessing experienced marketing professionals.

This test can help identify candidates with the necessary skills to manage Marketo campaigns successfully and those with the experience to leverage advanced features of the platform. Employers can make better hiring decisions and build stronger teams by evaluating the skill level of potential employees in these areas.

Does the potential employee possess the necessary skills to manage Marketo campaigns?

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of employers admitted to making the mistake of hiring someone unsuitable for a job.


of businesses reported incurring losses of over $75,000 due to incorrect hiring decisions.


chance of a hiring manager making an incorrect hiring choice.


of businesses reported a decrease in output due to an unsuitable hire.


of unstructured job interviews are effective at predicting the best candidates.

Why does it happen?

hiring is difficult due to reliance on subjective, inconsistent opinions.

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Hirenest offers an extensive selection of tests to suit all assessment needs. Our tests provide invaluable insights into an individual's cognitive aptitude, role-specific competencies, situational judgment, skill proficiency, and personality.

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Assessment for

Accounting Officer

40 mins

4 tests

6 questions

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Spend Less
Time on Interviews

Hirenest helps identify the most qualified candidates, reducing the time you spend reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.

Common way of hiring

9 hours of random interviews
per 1 average hire

Hiring with

2 hours of productive interviews
per 1 average hire



of the time spent

Decrease Bad Hires,
Increase Retention Rates

Tired of crossing your fingers when you hire?

With Hirenest pre-employment assessments, you can identify candidates who are a good fit for your company culture and specific job role, leading to better retention rates and fewer hiring mistakes.

Common way of hiring

Only 61.2% of candidates will stay with you after 6 months

Hiring with

94.4% of candidates will stay with you after 6 months



better hire

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Our platform will answer your questions:

  • checkmark iconWhat are your candidate's cognitive abilities?
  • checkmark iconWhat's your candidate’s capacity to learn and grow?
  • checkmark iconHow will your candidates behave in the workplace?
  • checkmark iconWhat drives your candidates to engage in action?

Developed by Ph.D. and Masters level research team

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Scientific data proves psychometric assessments are the highest predictor of job success. The right assessments give you objective scientific data, helping you make informed decisions that go beyond any CV or hiring manager.

Hiring the right person according to the right data saves you time and money, increasing productivity and revenue.

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We offer the highest-quality AI-powered assessment platform to help you efficiently generate relevant recruiting results. We distill powerful science into simple score reports that you don’t need a Ph.D. to interpret.

Learn more about your candidates upfront and make informed people decisions with a strong technological foundation.

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