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How well can a person motivate others to put more effort into their work and be more productive and engaged?

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The Hirenest Motivating Others Skills Test uses everyday situations that people may encounter in a workplace setting to evaluate their responses. The test features 20 engaging scenarios designed to assess a candidate's ability to motivate others by effectively starting discussions, enriching ideas, fostering agreement, and using effective interpersonal approaches.

Covered Skills

Opening Discussions Effectively
Enriching Others’ Ideas
Facilitating Agreement
Using Effective Interpersonal Approaches

Why Measure the Skill of Motivating Others?

Motivating others at work is essential because it helps people understand the forces that drive others to put forth effort into their jobs. Motivating people positively influence their performance, organizational commitment, turnover intentions, extra-role behaviors, and mental health and well-being.

Managers and employees may use motivational skills to gain the commitment and support of others, and link their motives to be engaged in their work with the company objectives. Motivating others effectively may also help structure the work climate to favor productive behaviors and discourage harmful ones.

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Each of our authors knows how to

Measure specific foundational theories and job tasks
Write effective questions and responses
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Critique multiple-choice items
Measure knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) at different cognitive levels
Properly cite test items

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