Pre-Employment Assessments

Utilize our extensive portfolio of pre-employment assessments to gain knowledge about individuals that interviewing alone can’t deliver. The more tests you administer, the more you learn about each candidate.

The more tests you administer, the more you learn about each candidate.

Rational intelligence

Predict job performance by assessing each candidate’s cognitive aptitude.

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Measure twice, cut once

An individual is more than their resume. Two candidates with the same skills might approach job tasks and situations quite differently. That’s why we encourage you to assign candidates multiple assessments.

The more you learn about someone’s mindset and motivations, the more you know about how they’ll perform in your workplace. Our expansive portfolio of pre-employment tests lets you mix and match tests to discover what you most want to know.

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win-win employment assessments

HireNest’s innovative technology benefits both you and your candidates.

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Responsive Design

Offer a platform that works reliably on any device, helping more candidates apply easily.

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Adaptive Technology

Get better, faster results with assessments that self-adjust to each candidate.

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Backed by Scientific Data

Psychometric testing is proven to predict job success accurately.

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