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Why HireNest?

3. Legal Defensibility

Apart from creating secure pre-employment tests that reduce bias, we also strive to make our online assessments as valuable as possible by ensuring their legal defensibility.

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Hire with confidence

Surely your organization is concerned about legal defensibility when deciding which pre-employment assessments to incorporate into its recruitment process. HireNest’s assessments, which are developed in collaboration with and validated by expert I/O psychologists, strengthen the legal defensibility of your hiring decisions in many ways.

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Ensuring predictive validity

Our I/O psychologists work hard to guarantee that every HireNest test we develop accurately predicts job performance in a wide variety of roles and industries. We then continue to validate our live tests through secure data obtained via validation agreements with our existing clients.

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Complying with industry and government standards

At HireNest, we review information put out by the government regarding legal defensibility and accuracy. We work hard to exceed—not just meet—any related requirements as we develop our online pre-employment assessments and implement them in our clients’ processes.

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Reducing subgroup differences

HireNest pre-employment tests are developed in a way that virtually neutralizes subgroup differences and virtually eliminates discrimination. At the same time, we strive to make our assessments as useful as possible by ensuring that they yield accurate data. We review the content of every test from the standpoint of cultural and gender sensitivity.

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Collaborating with clients

We work with each client to customize their recruitment strategy to best suit their specific hiring needs. Our priorities in each case are bias reduction, predictive validity, and legal defensibility. This is how we help organizations in disparate industries and locations make better hiring decisions across the board.

What’s next?

Why HireNest4. Our Science

At HireNest, we build everything we do upon rigorous science. By collaborating with I/O psychology experts, we’ve developed a platform that yields superior results for businesses in a wide variety of industries and locations.

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