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Why HireNest?

5. Testing Validation

We employ expert I/O psychologists to help develop our assessments and validate those assessments continually by reviewing client results.

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Professional Standards

HireNest complies with government guidelines and professional standards. We design our assessments to accurately predict performance and retention while eliminating bias.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver an assessment platform that offers you reliability, construct validity, content validity, and predictive validity.

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A reliable test yields consistent results. That means a test-taker will get a similar score every time they take a specific test.

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Construct Validity

Construct validity means that the test in question gives you usable data that’s pertinent to what you’re testing for. For example, if a test is intended to measure stress tolerance, we ensure that the results will indeed indicate an individual’s ability to tolerate stress.

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Content Validity

A relevant test presents content that correctly relates to a specific job and the qualities it requires. We review the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to hundreds of job roles and ensure that these qualities are being tested.

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Predictive Validity

Predictive, or criterion, validity describes how a test corresponds with a specific outcome such as turnover, job performance, and even sales performance. We can confirm this type of validity by continually correlating assessment data to real-world results.

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Why HireNest6. Customer Success

HireNest is built upon customer success. It’s the reason we do what we do.

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